Ever wondered which Jersey shops let you do business with them online? At times that suit you?

So did we.

So we decided to put together a website that lists all the Jersey retail businesses that are trading online.

To qualify for inclusion, a business has to meet the following criteria:

1. Have a transactional website - you must be able to purchase or "click and collect" (see live pricing and in stock information product by product, commit to the purchase in real time, and collect and pay in store)
2. Be locally owned in Jersey
3. Be independent of any national chain.

That's it.

We are also focusing, at least initially, on products, rather than services. We treat gift vouchers as products for the purposes of this criterion.

There's no charge to be listed at present.

If you are a retailer wanting to be listed, please send us your details using the Submit a Business form.

ShopJersey.je is owned by Webreality and Jersey Post, two local businesses working together to help consumers and retailers do more online locally.